Psych K, Emotion Code, Touch and Breath Technique

These alternative healing modalities work with the subconscious mind and with the human energy field.  Each of them incorporates some aspect of Eastern medicine. These therapies can be very helpful in releasing emotional blockages.  Once emotional blockages are released many physical and emotional issues show improvement.  These methods can be used alone or in a counseling session.  Cost: $140 for a 60 minute hour.

Emotion Code (which was developed by a chiropractor) uses muscle testing to determine if there are trapped emotions residing in the body.  Once the specific trapped emotions are determined, they are released through the use of a magnet being guided down the Governing Meridian (a major acupuncture meridian).

Psych-K also uses muscle testing.  Specific limiting beliefs can be determined and then balanced through the use of mind body exercises.

Touch and Breathe Technique (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) uses tapping pressure on acupuncture points to help release negative emotions and shift thought patterns.  This technique is taught to the client during the session so it can be used at home.