Past Life Soul Regression Therapy

This therapy is very spiritual in nature and helpful in a variety of ways.  Through the use of hypnosis, the client is able to explore a past life to help shed insight onto issues they may be facing in their current life.  As a result, they may be better able to understand and release past life physical, emotional and spiritual energy, which is no longer serving them.  The regression can help address fears, phobias and anxiety that may be stemming from a past life.  It can also shed insight onto relationship issues that the client may be facing in this life.  Additionally, it may assist clients in growing spiritually and can help diminish their fear of dying.

During a past life regression the client is guided into a light trance where they have the ability to access past life memories.  During a session the client is also able to communicate with their spirit guide/angels.  (For a greater understanding of Past Life Soul Regression the following books are recommended: Bringing Your Soul to Light by Dr. Linda Backman and Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.)  $140 per hour (not covered by insurance). A session typically lasts one hour.